Brothers' Folly

Back in May 2016, the Kappa Chapter of Delta Kappa Alpha finished its first ever Production named Brothers' Folly. The Film was Directed by Alumni Katie Traurig and filmed by Alumnus Travis Misarti. The cast and crew included all the other members of the Kappa Chapter. We are honored and proud to have completed this first project and we hope to produce more in the coming semesters.. 


So here is the much awaited link (click the Picture!) to Brothers' Folly!!!!


Brothers' Folly Production

The Kappa chapter is proud to announce the start to our first film "Brothers' Folly". The cast and crew arrived for a long day of filming starting at 6am in late February, and wrapped up filming at 9pm. Brothers' Folly was filmed on location in Parrish, FL in an old western town. The first shooting day was a major success and we can't wait to update you throughout the production. 

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